Event Request Form

(For Windsor School Student Events That Will Require Chaperones)


  • There must be 2 teachers and 2 parent chaperones on duty at all times. The event advisor should explain the rules and duties to the chaperones. Chaperones should be positioned where they can see the event area, bathrooms, entrance/ exits, and near any food.

  • At least 1 member of the administrative team or the school resource officer must be present at the event.

  • If this event has been approved for student guests to attend, a Windsor School Guest Request form must be filled out for each guest. Administration must approve each request. Additional chaperones may also be required.

  • No Saturday or Sunday events unless prior approval from Buildings & Grounds and the School Principal.

  • If you would like a First Aid kit please contact Elizabeth Martens to make arrangements ahead of time. (An adult will need to do this).

  • All food will be supplied by the school event advisor(s).