School-wide celebrations

Scavenger Hunt:
 Students celebrated being safe, respectful and responsible at State Street School with an outdoor scavenger hunt. Younger students searched for the letters of the alphabet and older students did an I Spy scavenger hunt where they got to find objects based upon specific characteristics.

Winter Fun Day: After filling one of Steve’s strips this winter the students celebrated with a Winter Fun Day. The students enjoyed sledding, creating snowballs using tennis balls to throw into a field, blowing bubbles into the cold, hula-hooping in the snow and building animal snow sculptures.

Door Decorating Contest: In celebration of Spirit Week, this past February, all of the K-6 classrooms were challenged to show their Green and Gold pride by decorating their classroom door. Each door needed to include the school colors, our PBIS School-Wide Expectations and Steve the Stinger. After the doors were decorated several of the High School Student Council representatives voted on which door on each of the three floors had the best PBIS display. It was a difficult decision because of the level of creativity. The winning classrooms received a prize of their choice. The first floor winners were Karen Hull’s Kindergarten class who celebrated with an ice cream party. The second floor winners were Debra White’s third grade classroom who celebrated with a pizza lunch. The third floor winners were Colleen DeSchamp’s sixth grade classroom who celebrated with a bagel and fruit breakfast.

March Madness: During the month of March PBIS ran our own version of "March Madness." Our version, however, had nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with our school-wide expectations, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. The team created a competition by floor to see which class could earn the most striped coins by demonstrating Respectful, Responsible and Safe behaviors in our most trying areas: the playground, the lunchroom and the hallways. This competition created a serious buzz around our school and reminded the students of school expectations. The students earned many striped coins and had a great time demonstrating their respectful, responsible and safe behavior. Winning classes were rewarded with a choice of a breakfast, pizza, or ice cream party.

Safety Cones: School Resource Officer, Jennifer Frank, in coordination with the Windsor Police Department and State Street School PBIS Team, will be bringing our school-wide expectations around safety out into the community by acknowledging students practicing safe behavior with a Safety Cones Ticket. Safety Cones Tickets can be used to purchase an ice cream cone at Boston Dreams, a locally based coffee shop and eatery.